Ethanol Services

Ethanol is an environmentally friendly source of high-octane renewable fuel produced by fermenting converted corn starch with yeast. It is used as a blending agent for gasoline. Pennsylvania Grain Processing (PGP) is capable of processing 40 million bushels of grain per year, producing 110 million gallons of ethanol.

Ten percent ethanol is now blended with virtually every gallon of gasoline in the US. PGP offers quality ethanol that

  • Meets consistent industry specifications
  • Is domestically produced and promotes energy independence
  • Has high octane levels
  • Cleans gas tank/system of water
  • Reduces the incidence of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increases the value of feed grains grown by farmers
  • Is biodegradable and does not contaminate water

Dan Meeuwsen

Ethanol Merchandiser / Company Manager



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