On Tuesday, Governor Pete Ricketts gave the go ahead for the E-30 pilot program.

The pilot program will demonstrate to consumers they’re able to use higher blends of ethanol with confidence in non-flex fuel vehicles.

Scott McPheeters and his son Kerry have been using higher blends of ethanol in their non-flex fuel vehicles for years.

“There’s so much information about what’s okay and what’s not. I tried E-15 and everything was fine and then I tried E-30 in the next tank and everything was fine. We’ve just been doing so ever since and really think it’s a quality fuel,” said farmer Kerry McPheeters.

“You need to use what you produce and help develop your own market. That’s the reason we use E-30 in all of our non-flex fuel vehicles and E-85 in all of our flex fuel vehicles,” said Vice-Chair of the Nebraska Ethanol Board and farmer Scott McPheeters.

The farmer and the vice chairman of the Nebraska Ethanol Board is one of the men behind the program helping break the stigma that higher blends cause harm or damage to engines.

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